Potato Drop 2018


MARCH 29, 2018


119 S. Georgia Ave., Mason City, Iowa 50401

PH:641-423-4905; Email: pastorkathy@masoncityfirstumc.org

      First United Methodist Church of Mason City is sponsoring a “Potato Drop” on Saturday, April 14 starting at 9:00 a.m. at the church. Potato Drops were invented by an organization devoted to gleaning unused foods that would otherwise go to waste. The Society of St. Andrew (SOSA) works with a variety of foods to glean fields for crops that have been left in the field after mechanical picking. Volunteers glean the fields in different parts of the U.S., and other food is available from warehouses, where it sits until taken to landfills. For instance, potatoes may be deemed unusable because they are too small or too misshapen or even too big.

SOSA is intent on saving as much of this food as possible and giving it freely to the poor. A potato drop is the most common method. A load of potatoes, usually 40-42,000 lbs., is brought by truck, and the bags are given out to food banks, food pantries, community meals, churches and any other groups that can use them to help the poor.

First UMC in Mason City is raising the $1200 to ship the potatoes from North Dakota, and is trying to find as many groups as possible who can use the potatoes. If you or your organization would like to make a donation, it is greatly appreciated. About 40 volunteers are needed that morning, and you are asked to call the church to add your name. If your organization would like to take some potatoes, please contact the church with information about how many pounds and how to contact you.

Once the larger amounts for churches and agencies are set aside, individuals may receive bags of 10 pounds simply by attending the rummage sale the church is having at that time.