Purple Threads

 Let Me Explain the Name

The name of my blog harkens back to a biblical woman named Lydia of Thyatira.  She was a business woman and a deaconess of the church. Lydia was a trader in purple cloth.  This was a luxury item in the ancient world and her household grew wealthy.  We know about her because in the book of Acts we are told she was the first person converted by Paul in the city of Philippi.  (therefore the first European to become a Christian).  She agreed to house Paul and Silas after their release from prison as they established that early church and the first house church worshiped in her home.  Paul and Silas were just the first of a series of evangelists that traveled through Philippi and lodged with her household.

The ancient writing tell us the early church benefited from businesswomen such as Lydia and other wealthy widows who joined with her in supporting this new movement with their time, treasure, prayer, service and witness.  My blog is named in her honor with the hope that I can offer a few words of guidance, encouragement and wisdom in support of the great purposes of Christ and you will find value in them.

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Rev. Carol Kress
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